Change Course

Change of Course or Degree

You may want to change your course or degree after you have started studying in Australia for various reasons.

Changing your course

There are various options for you to change your course or degree

Students like yourself have many reasons they may want to change their course or degree after arriving in Australia and having spent some time in Australia.

Course does not match your interests

It could be that you started studying a particular course or degree and after starting you realise you do not actually like studying it or it just doesn’t make sense and doesn’t suit your skills and personality.

Received the wrong recommendation

Perhaps you were recommended the wrong course by someone else and decided to take their advice and now it does not match with your goals and vision.

Course does not lead to PR

It is possible you were recommended this course simply to come to Australia to study and now you would like to pursue PR. The course you're studying does not have any prospects of helping you achieve this goal.

Although getting PR may be an important future goal – if you do not like what you study for any reason, it will become much more difficult.

It is much better for your future that you study something you like and somethng that helps you achieve your future goals - including applying for PR in the future.

We can help you change to the right course according to your goals, education and skillset to ensure you do not struggle with your studies in Australia. Book a free consultation and see what might be more suitable for you.

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Riya SinghIndia

Working with Easy Education was an amazing experience. From the first consultaiton they explained very well what was required and how it could help shape my future in Australia. They helped me with the entire process, from university to the visa requirements.